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"Everything is Foreign until it's Familiar."

Our FO[REIGN] collection celebrates the nobility of humankind, as evidenced by the thoughts and ideas that expressed by our brothers and sisters from around the globe over the arc of recorded history. By unearthing the wisdom of our ancestors, we believe that humans will find that they have more in common than not, and that those differences that do exist between us are opportunities to learn from each other.

Our first drop focuses on the philosopher, Dogen, and his collection of writings entitled, the Shobogenzo. Often credited with the introduction of Buddhism to Japan in the Thirteenth Century, the Shobogenzo provides another reference point from which to understand life, our conscious, and our place in the universe.

Step into the unknown to discover that everything is foreign until it’s familiar.

FO[REIGN] Oversized Tee White - Unknown Union_Shop

FO[REIGN] JP オーバーサイズ T シャツ ホワイト

FO[REIGN] Oversized Tee Black - Unknown Union_Shop

FO[REIGN] JP オーバーサイズ T シャツ ブラック

FO[REIGN] Cropped Tee White - Unknown Union_Shop

FO[REIGN] JP クロップド T シャツ ホワイト

FO[REIGN] Ultra Light Breaker Jacket - Unknown Union_Shop

FO[REIGN] ウルトラライトブレーカージャケット